Union Jack



Established in 1954, Union Jack Cosmetic products, are carefully crafted in UK. These men’s hair care and styling products are tailored and perfected to fit every Gentleman.


This has been an awesome project as we were lucky enough, to watch it come to life. From the very early stages of designing, to seeing it develop into packaging, graphics and market materials has been a special momentum. Nonetheless, ending it with a beautiful e-commerce web design and development to share it with all our customers and raise brand awareness in London all around the United Kingdom in further stages.


Even though the stigma of men using cosmetic products has fallen as rise of social media fuels interest in appearance-enhancing products, some might still feel a sense of discomfort when purchasing one.

The bear in the logo, in addition to the general dark theme we constructed behind the brand's identity were all aimed at encouraging men to connect with the brand by reflecting masculinity, elegance and strength.


In addition to providing Union Jack with a platform on which they can control their content, the main objective of the website was to highlight the brand's new line of products and allow customers to purchase them directly from the site.

It features an online store, prominently displayed for quick and easy access. We also ensured that the design reflects the brand's image and provides all the necessary details and information about its values.

Social Media

Substantial effort was invested on showcasing the brand's products on social platforms, providing customers with direct purchasing power straight from Union Jack's website.

Another objective was reaching a broad audience and increase followers.

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