London Base Barbers



In Queensway, London was established one of the most authentic barbershops, known as well to be a Fashion outlet, London Base Barbers provides all barbering services and Fashion retail targeting only the male audience.


Understanding each and every client is the ultimate key to success and most importantly having the ability to comprehend their targeted audience’s demographics and psychographics. Therefore, our focus on all advertising and marketing messages were designed for the purpose of catching the attention of the consumers through unconventional videos and photos.


London Base takes great pride in their powerful connection with their community. Our objective was to build upon that image by creating videos based on the shop's services, in addition to targeting international trends.

CHUB was able to benchmark the brand in the Lebanese market making it one of the best-known barbershops in the region.


No online presence is complete without a website dedicated to your brand!

Mr. Ziad Assi, owner of the community-oriented brand, asked us to develop a platform that showcases London Base's identity, highlights its services and provide customers with online appointment bookings. We so happily obliged!

Social Media

London Base invests great energy into its social media platforms to stay engaged with its community.

Through killer campaigns, we were able to preserve a fresh feed, keep members interested, and appeal to newcomers in order to grow the community.

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