Soul Resorts



Deep in the South of the colorful Sri Lanka, amidst unspoiled nature surroundings, on the coast of a secluded beach and a genuine comfortable and homely feel. Soul Resorts identifies as a luxury resort on the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka offering you the perfect getaway. Providing the utmost relaxing Ayuverdic natural treatments with a vast variety of therapies and aiding tools to refresh your mind and soul away from your stressful everyday lifestyle.


Extracting inspiration from the simplest details starting with the divinity of botanicals, the sound of waves, the magical colors of the sunrise, the warmth of the sunset and the breathtaking sublime wildlife sights. Altogether combined enabled us to use the atmosphere and ambience including them in all our creative materials.


The joy we felt when management agreed to allow an incursion by a small team from CHUB to experience the full extent of Soul Resorts was indescribable!

We were able to film every sunrise and sunset, go through every gorgeous nook in the resort and explore the breathtaking nature of Sri Lanka.


The main goal of developing a website for the resort was based on two main features - highlighting what Soul Resorts has to offer in addition to providing detailed information about those wishing to travel to Sri Lanka.

Social Media

The social media strategies were based on portraying the raw beauty, exactly as we saw and experienced it!

We let Soul Resorts speak for itself through beautiful photography featuring all the wonders this place has to offer!

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