A Doha-based fashion and lifestyle brand established in 2020. As malls and retail stores were forced to close down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Paperboi was established as a way out for people to shop and buy gifts for their families and friends. A platform where they could release their creativity and have access to high quality merchandise which they could customize.


We aimed to translate Paperboi's moto, "Customize Your Own", into an all out strategy highlighted through a fresh social media identity and a brand new website for an online store and product designer.


Having counted on Instagram to conduct sales and communication with its clients, we quickly realized that the only proper way of optimizing that process and deliver the best service was by developing a website with an online store.

The platform's centerpiece would be the Product Designer - an extension allowing visitors to create their own designs and have them delivered to their doorstep in no time - and therefor taking the brand's solgan, "Customize Your Own", to its furthest literal meaning.

Social Media

Having initially built their main platform on Instagram to showcase and sell its products, Paperboi was ready to move forward onto the next step with the development of their new website.

The role of Instagram, in addition to other platforms, would now be that of marketing the brand and reaching a wider audience of potential customers.

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