Eiwan Al Gassar



An innovative, dynamic and community-engaged space fostering creatives in Qatar to celebrate art and design in all its broad aspects. Providing an inclusive platform for all artistic voices with a program that bridges local and global concerns together. We were brought on board to conceptualize the brand, development the overall marketing identity, messaging, and design materials for their digital platforms.


Eiwan Al Gassar reached out looking to develop and launch the brand around an existing logo. Understanding the importance of having a cohesive and targeted brand once entering the competitive Art industry. We produced a mesmerizing content for Social Media and a Website respecting the Gallery’s guidelines and values.


EAG devoted tons of energy towards making sure their opening exhibition would achieve the highest levels of success. In partnership with Rolls Royce, the gallery managed to pull together a superb collection of contemporary pieces, created by over 20 artists from Qatar and abroad.

Our responsibility laid in making sure that the exhibition would be featured in the clearest of ways, highlighting the slogan and artists through a series of teasers to get the audience engaged.


Art is as much at the core of CHUB as design is! And stating that it was an exciting endeavor to create and develop a website for EAG would be an understatement!

Knowing the importance of art in the development of cultures, traditions and communities, we were determined to create a platform that not only showcases the incredible pieces of contemporary art displayed at the gallery, but also highlights the incredibly passionate individuals that produce them.

The purpose of the site is to provide EAG with a platform upon which the gallery could build its online community, provide details about events and exhibitions, and keep visitors up to date on local and international news and discoveries.

Social Media

The objective was to generate a massive hype for EAG's opening exhibition, reaching a wide audience of locals and regionals.

To accurately achieve our goals for the gallery, we resorted to an array of smart social media strategies, focusing on the space and artists in addition to inviting influencers and bloggers.

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