Atkya Art



The internationally leading art consultancy that harnesses the power of art in sequence of metamorphosing environments into remarkable experiences that enhance everyday lives. We received a request to rebrand the company’s identity for the purpose of creating a more cohesive and modern feel communication and identity approach.


Every brand is ignited by sparks of inspiration, either through the language it speaks or the visual designs it reflects. Glancing in a galaxy of inspiration, pushed us to widely expose the brand’s innovative and creative style in Art and Interior Decoration. Engraving a bold and edgy identity projecting the innovation Atkya Art inhales as oxygen making it as vivid as possible.


Atkya Art has been established for many years and is a considerable competitor in the market. The matter posed a great challenge as we dug deep into the brand's identity to capture its essence in a new logo.

The logo and whole identity draw heavily from AA's guidelines on how it wants to be represented - contemporary, clear and suitable for excellent display on digital platforms.


Every piece of artwork deserves an explanation, a story, something to connect it with the viewer! The series of videos showcases Mr. Osan Ghaddaf, owner of Atkya Art, featuring incredible installations and sharing the history and processes behind these pieces.

Social Media

Focusing on the idea of "Redefining Art Space", content on AA's social platforms almost entirely showcases the true meaning of that statement.

Images of modern and spaces, enhanced by beautifully placed pieces of contemporary artworks.

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