Ninfa Raicilla



Initally produced by miners living in remote villages of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains during the 16th century, Raicilla is a cult spirit now coveted by the best mixologists and connoisseurs worldwide.


Aroused by the mystical bird of the Sierra Madre, the legendary Ninfa Raicilla is a spirit with a fascinating story that shaped the culture of Mexico and our design.


A Jewel on the shelves!

We don't get to design a new product from scratch as often as we would like. However, when we do get that rare and precious brief, it's all hands on deck!

We pour our hearts and souls into conceptualizing, designing and creating the ideal product. The logo heavily draws on Mexico's deep connection with the concepts of life, death and balance, exhibited through a powerful and symbolic depiction of the Ninfa.


Having a dedicated platform was a necessary tool to showcase the heritage behind the spirit of the Mexican Sierra Madre Mountains.

It establishes credibility and provides direct lines of communication between customers and the brand.

Social Media

The goal of Ninfa's social media campaigns was to highlight the product, gorgeous bottle design and logo. Instagram was the perfect platform to reach the right audience and get them interested not only in the product, but in the culture and history behind its production.

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