Hacienda Las Tres Carmelitas



Nestled in the cloud forest of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains, a cradle of ancient cultures and awe inspiring landscapes, Hacienda Las Tres Carmelitas is an all inclusive concept developed in a beautiful space for contemplation, interaction and relaxation.


We were thrilled when Marcos Galindo – owner of Hacienda Las Tres Carmelitas – enlisted us to develop the full branding and Marketing campaign for his big project in Mexico. As content creators we wanted to translate the innovative approach to luxury travel and world class service in a retreat devoted to an organic and sustainable lifestyle into a series of Videos and photos taken all around Mexico.

The Communities

A series of 4 documentaries focusing the regional communities, the craftsmen and farmers that were involved in bringing the Hacienda to life.

The resort helps neighboring communities in Jalisco by using their services and produce for inhouse use and sales to consumers through its subsidiary brands.


Choosing to develop a website was a great step in the right direction through which the resort could provide visitors with an accessible and visually-intensive approach to exploring all that Hacienda Las Tres Carmelitas has to offer.

Providing details about accommodation, amenities and implementing an online booking system are all necessary tools for any resort looking to stay ahead!

Social Media

Simple, yet beautiful photography, highlighting the Hacienda's magnificence in every room and space. The intent was to reflect the incredible ambience, purely inspired by Mexican culture.

The Cantina

A cocktail bar in Hacienda Las Tres Carmelitas, where world renowned mixologist Martin Kovar created one of the most inventive and mysterious bar concepts around the globe.

Determined to display a unique representation of the Cloud Forest aromas, cultural rituals and exotic ingredients in addition to producing its own fruits, juices and spirits.

Several months of expeditions in the Sierra Madre mountains, weeks in colonial towns and the exploration of indigenous settlements, provided the inspiration behind the identity we came up with.

A logo that tells you the unique story behind the Nature, Heritage and Flavors of Cantina Experimental.


A collection of short teasers to be featured on social platforms at the opening and opening of the Hacienda. Highlighting Martin Kovar, the young genius behind the concept, and the organic, natural and sustainable source of the Cantina Experimental ingredients.

Social Media

The Cantina Experimental is such a major highlight in the resort that we came to the decision that it should have nothing less than its own social channels.

Highlighting the ambience, menu, natural ingredients and sustainability were all pillars that drove our content creation efforts.

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