Philipp Plein / Plein Sport



Philipp Plein, the pioneers in the creation of unique designs and the interpretation of an extraordinary contemporary lifestyle. Based on the designer’s dynamism and bright spirit, and his successfully driven ideology that radically alternated Philipp Plein into the eponymous label and internationally recognized brand that it is today.


It was our utmost pleasure working with the International brand Philipp Plein in Beirut, strictly aiming to raise awareness within the Lebanese markets. We commenced our campaign by emphasizing on the power of the brand’s spirit and uniqueness throughout the creation of a content that would prompt the viewers on Social Media Channels.


Yet another exciting project! Trying to find our own voice in filming and direction within such massively known brands' guidelines was such a joy!

Social Media

The goal was to boost Philipp Plein and Plein Sport's image on social media and help them reach wider audiences through targeted campaigns, creative content, beautiful photography and awesome copywriting.

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