Dirk Bikkembergs



Who is the man? Dirk Bikkembergs is the man! Designing a conceptual brand merging vintage couture with the passion of sports. Distinguished by a unique approach, Dirk Bikkembergs has managed to combine the athletic world with the exclusivity of Milan’s catwalks.


After setting our muses and inspirations in place, we are set off to create visuals identifying a bold interpretation of masculinity and virility inspired by the contemporary athlete within all our Social Media fronts and Digital presence.


CHUB's collaboration with DB beirut was one for the books! The request was simple - a short video to be posted on social media previous to the opening date to generate a buzz and get fans of the brand excited.

But there was a catch! The real challenge laid in filming a yet empty store, full of every videographer's worst nightmare - mirrors! Suffice it to say, it was a fun one!

Social Media

Following the brand's international guidelines for social media was a very conscious decision on our part, guiding our whole design, copywriting and social media strategy.

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