Founded more than 120 years ago, globally known by quality, expertise and innovation, the hair cosmetic brand Schwarzkopf shines as one of the leading hair cosmetics brands worldwide. Schwarzkopf continuously thrives to revolutionize the market implementing technical breakthroughs.


Besides being driven by a passion of creating beautiful hair, Schwarzkopf stands for innovation, reliability, quality, trust and competence. All this gave us an indescribable thrill as we were about to take part in some of Schwarzkopf projects and events in Dubai, where the team made sure to reflect the brand’s mantra and values in all the content provided for their Social Media presence.


CHUB had the pleasure to take yet another exciting trip to Dubai. In collaboration with Schwarzkopf's UAE team, our aim was to create video content covering Schwarzkopf's international Cutting Edge event at Opera DXB.

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