When Can You Legally Start Driving Lessons in the Uk

Learning to drive is expensive and unfortunately not accessible to everyone. However, the hard truth is that the sooner you learn to drive, the easier it is. In adolescence, your brain is like a sponge and learning the mechanics and theory of safe driving is much easier to absorb, and Adrian Flux`s data showed that the success rate of older learners is significantly lower. Congratulations! Now you can enjoy the freedom of driving in London and beyond. If you want to ride a moped, you can take your knowledge test at age 16, but again, you need to make sure you have a valid provisional driver`s license. If you are 16 years old and already have a provisional driving licence for a farm vehicle or moped, this includes provisional permission to drive a car, but only takes effect from the age of 17. Should I just wait until I`m 17 and take to the streets properly? Sure, you can, but there`s nothing better than being one step ahead. Imagine celebrating your 17th birthday knowing that it`s the first time you`ve driven on the road, not the first time you`ve driven a car. You`ll be ahead of most of your college friends! Do I need my provisional driver`s license to teach Young Driver? In a word, no! No faff, no application forms, book with us and go! To get a UK driving licence, you must be at least 17 years old. If you are under 17, you can apply for a temporary driver`s license that will allow you to start driving lessons. However, you can only take the driving test or get a full driver`s license at the age of 17.

Will I pass my test faster? Ah, that`s the million-dollar question. Every runner is different. Some may pass for the first time after very few lessons, others take longer and may succeed after about 40 hours of lessons. What we do know is that young people who started regular driving courses with us at an early age become very competent, safe, traffic-aware and able to anticipate situations. If it is family land, you can consider it your own. But if it technically belongs to your parents, you need to check if they are 100% happy to let you go. You must obtain a license or enter into a very clear and long-term agreement every time you drive on private land for your driving to be considered legal. The rule of no public access is also very important. If the land is private but there is access to the public, such as in a campsite or in a private car park, children under 17 years of age are not allowed to drive there. The risks are considered unacceptable. And then there are the rules that don`t apply.

Finally, you will need to prove that you are authorised to drive in the UK. This means having a valid driving license from another country in the European Union or a country that has a reciprocal agreement with the United Kingdom. If you don`t have a driving licence from one of these countries, you`ll need to take a UK driving test to get a driving licence. Provisional licenses are valid for 10 years, but your theory exam is only valid for 2 years. So if you get up early, make sure your driving lessons take place soon after. One way to make sure you don`t have to repeat your theory is to take a crash course with driving lessons, where you can learn to drive for a few hours at a time on a regular basis. This way, you can develop your skills quickly and you`re less likely to forget things between lessons. It`s all well and good to talk about learning to drive as early as possible, but that`s just not the reality for many of us. There are many reasons why you might start driving years, if not decades, after your 17th birthday. The problem could be collecting money for driving lessons, or that you lack free time.

Or it could just be that you didn`t really have to learn to drive back then. Luckily, there is no maximum age to drive here in the UK. You can only drive alone on UK public roads if you have passed your theory and practical tests. The minimum age is exactly the same as for learning to drive. So that`s 17 for most people and 16 for everyone who gets the enhanced mobility rate of PIP or DLA. Yes, it would be fun to zoom in on a track, but remember why you want to do it. If you can find a center near you that will give you a taste of maneuvers and other things you need to learn before your driving test, that`s great. Throughout the day, you will complete a mix of theoretical workshops and demonstration-based learning.

And of course, you`ll have some time behind the wheel of a car. You can also access courses from private companies that specialize in pre-driving training. These will often be expensive – they usually cost proportionally more than traditional hourly hours or crash courses for improvised drivers – but can be a fun way to introduce you to various aspects of driving, such as learning how to use the clutch and steering. Whether you`re 17 or 77, PassMeFast`s driving courses can help you hit the road.