States That Automatic Knives Are Legal

Smoky Mountain Knife Works, Inc. does not sell self-opening knives to customers unless the sale or receipt of product service return complies with one or more of the above conditions. In Georgia, it is illegal to open, open or hide a knife larger than 5 inches unless you have a permit. Anything over one foot requires an HB 292 gun permit. If the possession itself is illegal, all others become illegal by default. If the possession is legal but the sale is not, it effectively becomes impossible to legally obtain a switch blade from that state (since federal law prohibits interstate selling). You must physically travel to another state to legally purchase. Connecticut also has blade length laws, but not all of them are universally enforced. Blades larger than 4 inches are illegal for all knives, and switching blades or automatic knives can be as long as 1.5 inches. If a knife is not listed above, it is highly likely to be legal for concealed or overt carrying. You can take any knife with you as long as it is not one of the prohibited knives listed above and you do not intend to hurt anyone or break the law. Here`s a complete guide on the type of legal knife in your state (Disclaimer: This is not legal advice) It`s legal to open any type of knife in Rhode Island Vermont law does not impose any additional restrictions on carrying knives. In 1903, the Vermont Supreme Court ruled in State v.

Rosenthal that according to general laws, a person may carry a dangerous or deadly weapon, openly or secretly, unless he did so with the stated intent or purpose of harming others. Arizona has no restrictive knife laws for people over the age of 21. You can find Bowie knives, Bali songs and Switchblade knives for sale. You must inform a law enforcement officer if you are concealed, stopped or questioned. This applies to any concealed knife that is not a pocket knife. In addition, knives cannot be transported to schools, polling stations or power plants. BILLEB: Never send an automatic knife with the U.S. Postal Service. Federal law prohibits the shipment of “harmful items,” including automatic knives.

Violation of this law is punishable by a fine or imprisonment of up to one year. However, there are no federal restrictions on shipping automatic knives by common/contract carriers such as FedEx and UPS. When shipping an automatic knife, always use a private carrier such as FedEx and UPS. In fact, the American Knife & Tool Institute recommends that you don`t ship U.S. Postal Service knives to avoid a potential problem due to confusion about whether it`s an automatic knife. Most knives are legal in Indiana, with the exception of throwing knives and ballistic knives. It is also illegal to hide a licensed knife other than taking them to schools. Knives cannot be sold or given to drunk people.

Switchblade knives are prohibited within the city limits of Washington, D.C. Knives cannot be transported to schools or recreation areas. Penalties for violations in the District of Columbia are severe, so be careful if you plan to carry a knife anywhere in town. For answers to other questions about automatic knives, see Knife Rights or AKTI. The following states do NOT prohibit automatic opening (also known as automatic opening, notch knife, or switch knife) for non-law enforcement citizens. Check state knife laws for specific details on ownership, transportation, manufacturer, or sale, as some restrictions may apply in a particular state. See the following list for blade length restrictions. NAPPEN: If the law-abiding tax collector does not waive his constitutional rights and has taken the above actions, that person and his knives will have significant additional protection against unfair prosecution and seizure of property. The best way to avoid falling victim to anti-knife laws is to not get arrested at all and to be prepared if you are arrested. It is illegal to possess switched blade knives or other types of knives with a spring-loaded blade system in Washington State.

The concealed carrying of a dangerous weapon is also prohibited.