Spotted Cod Fish Legal Size

Black bar: minimum size of 16 inches; 3/fisherman, June 23 – August 31; 6/Angler, from 1 September to 31 December. Note: Pleasure craft are still subject to the Whale Cod Spawning Protection Area. For more information, see Northeast Multi-Species Information for Charter/Party and Recreational Fisheries. Blue crab: Minimum carapace width (tip to tip) 4.5″ hard shell, 31/2″ 3″ soft shell, 3″ peeler/excretion, 50-gate limit, no closing season; All other crab species: no minimum size, 50 gates, no closing season. Black bass: 13 inches, open 5/15-12/11 (15 fish). LI Sound: April 1-30, 2 fish / October 11 – December 9, 3 fish. BLACKFISH/TAUTOG: from April 1st to May 31st, 3 fish per person per day. June 1 to July 31 – Closure of black fishing. From August 1st to October 14th, 3 fish per fisherman per day. From October 15 to December 31, 5 fish per person per day. Minimum size of 16 inches, only one fish per limit may be 21 inches or more and a maximum of 10 fish per vessel during all open periods. Croaker: minimum size of 8″, no door limit, no closing season. BLACK SEA BASS: May 22 – August 31, limit of 2 bags of fish, minimum 16 inches.

From September 1st to December 31st, limit of 3 bags of fish, minimum size of 16 inches. Party/Charter: June 18 to August 31 2 Limit of fish bags, September 1 to December 31, Limit of 6 fish bags (same minimum size) Note: Filleting at sea is allowed. The nets must have a certain skin and be of constant size compared to those of legally sized fish. Yellow perch: minimum size of 9″, 10 per day per person, no closing season. Tautog: 16 inches minimum, 4 fish of 1/1-5/15 & 7/1-12/31. Regulation and the use of modified fishing gear reduces bycatch. BAR STRIPED: No closing season, 1 fish, 28 – less than 35 inches. Circular hook required when fishing with natural bait (all waters).

Seasons, sizes, property boundaries and more for recreational anglers. In the Northwest Atlantic, cod are found from Greenland to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. In the United States, cod is most common in Georges Bank and the western Gulf of Maine. Cod is an iconic New England fish, and in recent years cod stocks in our region have declined significantly. NOAA Fisheries is working to rebuild this population. Striped bass: The Maryland DNR has set the 2020 striped bass spring season to prohibit the catch-and-release season on the Susquehanna Plains. Trophy season begins May 1 with a limit of one bag of fish and a size limit of 35 inches. New coastal regulations will be announced on March 1, 2020. The new regulations will be published in the Federal Register and updated here after publication. We try to update the rules for each fishery before the fishing season starts. However, the rules can change at any time during the year. If you are a licensee, you will receive notifications by mail.

You can also sign up to receive email updates and SMS notifications. Private vessel/land: No closing season, limit of 30 bags of fish, minimum of 10 inches, limit of 150 fish/vessel with 5 or more fishermen on board. NORTH OF CAPE COD: Private fisherman: April 1 – April 14, September 15 – 30, limit of 1 bag of fish, 21 inches minimum. Private vessel/shore (except places with extended capacities): No closing season, limit of 30 bags of fish, 10 inches minimum. + All lobsters, crabs, beetles and crabs that carry eggs must be returned to the water. Bag limit: The maximum number of fish or invertebrates per person per day. For fish or invertebrates not listed in the tables below, a maximum of 20 pieces of baggage per day applies. Protected and endangered species cannot be eliminated. Striped bass: Navy: 28 to 35 inch slit, 1 fish per person, April 15 to December 15.

The Fisheries Biology Program has photos of our reference collections (fish of known age) for. Atlantic cod is managed under the Northeast Multispecies Fisheries (Groundfish) Management Plan, along with 12 other demersal species. Together, these 13 species are called the Northeast Multispecies Complex. BLUE FISH: No closing season or size restrictions; Limit of 3 bags of fish (including “snapper”) private/land boat; Limit of 5 bags of fish on board rental boats. Black bass: 13″ minimum open 5/17-6/19 (10 fish); 13″ minimum open 7/1-8/31 (2 fish); 13″ minimum open 10/7-10/26 (10 fish); 13″ minimum open 11/1-12/31 (15 fish). Approved at the New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council meeting on April 7, 2022. Hudson River north of George Washington Bridge: 1 fish per person 18 to 28 inches, April 1 to November 30. Minimum size: Lobster size restrictions vary by region. See our lobster fact sheet for instructions on how to measure a lobster.

Red Drum: slot size 20-27″, 5/angler, no closing season. Striped bass: A fish from 28 inches to less than 38 inches.