Service Tax Accounting Code for Late Fee

Companies other than banks in connection with banking and other financial services (omitted w.e.f. 10.09.04 and summarised under (ZM)) Ancillary insurance benefit for life insurance transactions I pay the service tax for clearing under code 045 and interest under code 045 7C. Explanation – It is hereby declared that any proceedings pending under Article 77 for late filing or non-submission of the declaration initiated before the date: on which the Finance Law 2007 receives the approval of the President, is also deemed completed if the amount declared for the late filing of the declaration is paid by the assessor within sixty days from the date of approval of the said Finance Law. The tax return for the “rental of real estate” service is submitted after the due date. Please suggest the accounting code for the payment of the late filing penalty of the service tax return. With respect to the rent for a hotel room, what is the rate of service tax and to what part of the rent does it apply? Do I have to pay a portion of the interest penalty as well as for late payment of the service tax? Description of taxable service( Select from attachment) I did not file a service tax return I paid the service tax with interest. If I have 2 or more services with different tax rates, e.g. 4.944% and 12.36%, is a one-time payment sufficient or a separate payment for each service? if to No. that. The code is the same Why shouldn`t I make a one-time payment on another calculation? Subject: Accounting code for the payment of service tax under the negative list approach for the taxation of services from the first day of July 2012 – concerning. Construction services other than residential complexes, including commercial/industrial buildings or civil works Video production/videotape production agency Note: It looks like you have disabled Javascript in your browser.

To submit a comment on this article, please write this code with your comment: 8667b46badc5e4595ebc3c0db9fa470c Technical Inspection and Certification Body Service With regard to the second question, is your question not clear to me? They mix service tax and late fees. Credit card, debit card, debit card or other payment card services Authorized gas station [omitted w.e.f 16.6.05 and less (zo)] Please confirm which penalty code would be for making a late return. Health services provided by a clinical facility, check/diagnosis, etc. Services of the owner of intellectual property rights that provide intellectual property services that are not protected by copyright We are the Reg. reseller and pass on the Zenvat to the acute user and also receive a commission from our major suppliers and pay the service tax on the commission, we can apply the service tax credit for Import service of inputs received such as container fees, handling charges, customs clearance and shipping charges, cargo receipt and other related input services from the Company. Internet telecommunications services (including Internet telephony service, which became taxable from 01.05.2006) In addition, I have to pay ₹ 20,000 / – for the late completion of the service fee, but when paying online, I do not see any column for the penalty to be completed in the late declaration you can please provide the correct code to make the penalty also confirm, I have to pay a late completion penalty 12% + 2% + 1% = 12.36 or can I directly pay ₹ 20,000 / – Training and clearing of the site, excavation, earthworks and demolition Since ST-3 is a one-time return, fill ₹ 20,000 / – against Col. No.G-10 for late fees. Please note that ₹ 20,000 / – is the maximum delay. The comprehensive approach to the taxation of ATM services based on the negative list entered into force on the first day of July 2012. For the payment of the service tax under the New Approach, a new minor heading – “All taxable services” – has been assigned to the main heading “0044 – Services tax”. Other taxable services [services other than those listed above] Yes. The penalty for late filing of the ST-3 return is in addition to the interest.

Both have separate accounting codes based on the category of service. Column G 10 concerns late fees and G 9 penalties. What is your service? This is necessary to provide the correct accounting code for interest and penalties. [This description should not be used as an omitted and under zzp) Carriage of goods by road – Freight transport agency – (zzp)] Carriage of goods by road/freight Booking codes can be found under link