Sca Court Rules

B.—Preparation of R1 files. make a copy of the information relating to the case file that was not in the possession of the complainant or his lawyer at the time the impugned decision was rendered, for the purpose of making copies of the complaint file (unless an indictment is issued under paragraph 5), in accordance with folio 1.502. order files to print or copy, exclude unnecessary documents, and establish a register and list of documents; that are not included in the appeal record, 91,003 per half hour or part of it. Correction of printed printing or typed or unfinished copy by half hour or part of half hour 91.004. Participation in the office of the clerk or official of the Court of Appeal to consult or certify the file, per half hour or part of half an hour 56.005. (a) Preparation of typescripts of the notice of appeal and arguments per sheet 1.50 (b) If the copies are not typewritten, the fee shall be R1.50 per page for the first copy and R0.75 per page for subsequent copies (Note I:—When calculating the number of sheets, Divide the total word count of all required documents by 100, i.e. the entire file must be treated as one document.) (Note II:—When calculating the number of pages, the total number of words of all required documents shall be divided by at least 250, i.e. the set of data shall be treated as a single document, provided that, in the case of printed documents or forms, e.g. publications, commitments, contracts, credit agreements and special purchases, Each page of it is treated as a single page.) C.—Perusal R1.

(a) Review of the judgment of the court a quo when it gives directions for the continuation of an appeal or cross-appeal if admission of an appeal is not required, in accordance with page 27.00 (b) Review of the appeal record for all or part thereof 0.75 (c) Review of the judgment of the court on a quo refusing leave to appeal; if instructions have been received from the Court to seek leave to appeal, per page (Note:—The minimum fee referred to in points (a) and (b) is R168.00.) 17.002. Examination of a plan, diagram, photograph or other appendix to the record to which the compensation provided for above cannot apply 10.00 to 182.003. (a) Participation and review of an application, affidavit or other document not otherwise provided for (page 17.00 b) Participation and review of an attachment to an application and response to an affidavit, by page 0.75 (c) Participation in and review of an application or affidavit written or corrected by counsel; on page 2.00 (Note I:— The minimum fees referred to in point (a) are as follows: for formal affidavits R17.00; for affidavits other than formal affidavits, R35.00.) (Note II:—When calculating the number of pages, divide the total number of words of all required attachments by at least 250, that is, the entire record must be treated as a single document.) 4. Participation and revision of argument headings, with the exception of attachments, e.g. unpublished court decisions or copies of publications attached as confirmation of argument headings, for every 10 pages or part thereof (note: the minimum fee under this heading is R70.00.) 35.00 t.—presence R1. Any formal participation in confirmation, receipt, etc. 7,002. Participation in letters, telegrams, documents or telephone calls, or any other required presence not otherwise provided, is from 10:00 a.m. to 35:00 p.m.

(Note:—A collection fee will be charged for all letters received, provided that a brief summary of the contents of such letters is attached to the cost plan prior to taxation). 3. a) Attendance at the Registrar`s office to deliver a letter or document or cancel an order, etc. 7.00 b) Participation in informal matters, per half hour 70,004. a) Participation in a consultation with a defence lawyer or client per half hour or part of an hour 70.00 to 105.00 b) Full fees to assist, obtain and pay the defence lawyer for the knowledge of Judgment 56.005. Appearance in court for the verdict — a) by a lawyer 70.00 b) by a clerk 27.006. Participation in court in the hearing of the appeal or application by half an hour or part of an hour — a) by a lawyer 70.00 to 105.00 b) by a registrar 42.00 7. 1. The appellant shall, within one month of the date (a) of the judgment or order under appeal, where an appeal is not required, lodge a notice of appeal with the Registrar and the Registrar of the Court of First Instance; (b) leave to appeal where leave to appeal is required; or (c) setting aside an order of a High Court under section 20 § 2 (b) of the Supreme Court Act 1959 (Act No. 59 of 1959) or section 315 § 2 (b) of the Criminal Procedure Act 1977 (Act No.

51 of 1977). (2) A respondent in a civil appeal who wishes to cross-appeal shall, within one month after receiving the appellant`s notice of appeal, file a notice of cross-appeal with the Registrar and the Registrar of the Court a quo. 3. Each notice of appeal and cross-appeal shall: (a) indicate the part of the judgment or order against which an appeal is made; (b) indicate the particular respect with which variation of the judgment or order is sought; (c) be accompanied by a certified copy of the order (if any) granting leave to appeal or cross-appeal. (4) The time for filing the notice of appeal may be extended by a further month with the written consent of all parties to the appeal. [R. 7 replaced by GNR.191 of 11 March 2011.] 8. Protocol. 1. Within three months of the filing of the notice of appeal, the appellant shall file six copies of the minutes of the hearing with the Court and provide each defendant with such number of copies as he considers necessary or as the respondent may reasonably request.

2. The time limit for the submission of the minutes may be extended: (a) with the written consent of all parties to the complaint; (b) by the Registrar, upon written request addressed to all parties to the appeal:However, the Registrar shall not be entitled to extend the time limit by more than two months. 3. If the applicant fails to produce the minutes within the prescribed time limit or within the extended period, the appeal shall lapse. 4. (a) Where an appeal is withdrawn or lapses and no entry has been filed with the Registrar, the defendant who has taken note of a cross-appeal may, within one month of the withdrawal or termination of the appeal, inform the Registrar in writing that he wishes to pursue the cross-appeal. (b) The respondent is then deemed to be the appellant and the time prescribed in paragraph 1 begins to run on the day the appellant withdraws the appeal or the appeal ceases to exist. (5) One of the copies of the minutes filed with the Registrar shall be certified as a true copy by the clerk of the court.